We have the technology

You’ll be pleased to know Barden’s quality control procedures are as rigorous and tough as those used for the aerospace sector.

Lower costs

Under usual circumstances, the main wear on a handpiece is just the bearing, so complete cartridges needn’t be replaced at every service. And because of the longevity of Barden dental bearings, savings of hundreds of pounds can be made over the lifetime of your handpiece.

Increased speed

Barden has developed a honing technique which improves the surface finish and the relative roundness of the bearing’s inner and outer raceways, resulting in consistently higher speeds over the lifetime of the handpiece.

Longer warranty periods

Dental bearings operate in what must be one of the most extreme environments imaginable. Repeated sterilisation, loss of lubricant and the effects of operating debris often cause them to fail prematurely. Barden’s product improvement and reliability programme enables handpiece manufacturers to significantly increase their warranties.

Quieter operation

Barden dental bearings can lower patient anxiety by reducing the noise generated by compressed air passing through the bearing. Using a compact, integral shield design and  fine tolerances results in a much more comfortable operating mode.

Longer life

Barden dental bearings last up to four times longer than traditional bearings due to a unique combination of features. The bearings have a 60% smaller critical gap between the integral shield and the bearing inner ring compared to conventional designs. We’ve also improved the shield design to effectively retain lubricant, overcome the risk of shield ejection and prevent contamination from operating debris.

More efficient materials

The ceramic balls used in some Barden dental bearings are harder, lighter and more wear resistant than the steel versions used by other bearing manufacturers. Ceramic balls generate less centrifugal force at the high speeds handpieces operate, reducing wear on the bearing and the production of wear particles, which in turn increases lubricant life.

How to get Barden dental bearings in your handpiece …